Fresh Lehtikuohu

Lehtikuohu is a refined festive beverage made from blackcurrant leaves that is also known as Marshal Mannerheim’s drink. Taking the first drink of this beverage, which continues the tradition of a home-made recipe, reminds many people of their childhood days in summer at grandma’s house. The fizzy and fresh Lehtikuohu is an excellent choice for celebrating the best moments in life.

Lehtikuohu, with its fine aroma, leafy scent and citrus-like nuances, offers a unique and full-bodied tasting delight. The fresh taste of Lehtikuohu originates from springtime currant leaves, hand-picked on the Kiiskinen family farm. The gold and yellow Lehtikuohu has garnered great acclaim in drink reviews and become a highly esteemed, non-alcoholic festive drink.

Blackcurrant leaves, water, citric acid, carbon dioxide, sugar, potassium sorbate
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